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Mark Yu

Bothmer teacher & Biographical coach




Office Address:

G/F 29 Homantin Street Kowloon Hong Kong

About Mark Yu

Mark Yu is a certified Bothmer Gymnastic teacher and a Biographical Coach. He works together with his wife Pinky Cheng running a Waldorf kindergarten in Hong Kong since 2014, co-establish the HK Waldorf Education training center in 2016. He is one of the founding members of the first Waldorf Grade school in Hong Kong, and the organizer of Waldorf 100.  


Mark is teaching in various topics including: Bothmer movement (for adult and children), Biography works, School management and Waldorf Parenting. The countries he has worked for including China, Vietnam, and his homeland Hong Kong.











Spring Child - providing Waldorf pre-school and parenting programme

HK Waldorf Education Training Centre - providing professional training for adult, topics including Teacher Training, Anthroposophy, Eurythmy, Bothmer movement and Biography works

Forest House Waldorf School - the first Waldorf Grade school in Hong Kong with classes from grade 1 to 7

Teacher Training (Hong Kong) - teaching topics include 3-fold 4-fold human being, school management, woodwork, and working with parents

Bothmer Movement + Biographical work - Introduce an innovation approach for self-development  

Ancient Olympic Game (China) - One of the Instructor to facilitate the sport event for Waldorf grade 5 children in Southern China

Waldorf 100 Hong Kong - Organizer of the worldwide Waldorf event 

Teacher Training (Vietnam) - teaching Bothmer movement in Early Childhood and Grade school teacher training programme 

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